I hope you enjoy it!
Sven Schneider

Welcome to my website!

On this site I 'd like to show you some of the photos I've taken and some information about photography and image-processing.

I'm not a professional photograph, I'll just do it for fun and the love of it. Hopefully you gonna like my work. Also I'll try to give you some tips and tricks for making better pictures. Chances are there might be some stuff you don't know yet. I just have to think about what kind of informations could be interesting for you guys, so please bear with my while I'm filling this site up with more content.

If you like to use a picture for personal and non-commercial use, don't hesitate and get in touch with me via the contact form. I'll be glad to send you the picture in a higher resolution for free.


Site Update

Short information about the site update.

Heading off to a trip to Scotland soon!

Next sunday in the early morning we will head off to our vacation in Scotland. It won't be a pure photo-tour but I guess I will get the chance to shoot some really cool pictures.

Gallery works again

Thanks to Jordan Lev from jordanlev.com the bug has been fixed fast. Apparently it's a major bug in concrete5 5.5.2

Issues after updating my site

Unfortunately the gallery addon doesn't work at the moment. I' m very sorry about this. Hopefully I can fix it soon, so please bear with me and come back soon.

In the beginning there was a website

It's done. The website is up and running. Sure, it's missing a lot stuff and to be honest I'm not sure how fast I can add more content. But it's definitely a beginning. At least my gallery is there, so you can look at some of the pictures I've taken so fa…
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